Sunday, 28 April 2013

Game CIH

Game CIH is an Amazing software in which
you can cheat games and make highscores in game
you could change game speed and become best in games.
This app requires root

Download Link:-Here

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Chainfire 3D PRO For all android devices

Want to play apps that does not support your mobile.
This app reduce texture and graphics of the games that are unsupported.
You can play games like temple run and asphalt 5 etc.
This app is for root user only
Download Plugins and apk of chainfire.
Steps for installing chain fire:-
- Download and Install Chainfire 3D 
- Download and copy the plugins without extracting it in SD card.
- Open chainfire and allow it by superuser
Select CF 3D Drivers,Install it and it will restart your phone.
Open Chainfire and select install Plugins
Select and install every plugin one by one.
-  Select fix market settings.
Now enjoy unsupported game 
Default settings for every game is reduce texture and graphic and Select qualcomm in plugins
for every games.
Download Links:-

One Click Root

Do you want to root your android mobile but can't find it on the
internet and visits sites that will root your  android mobiles but want
money in return but you can't give them money because it is our mobile and why we will
give them money to root your mobile?
Then don't worry the perfect app for rooting your android device is here
with just one click.
One Click Root is the perfect app for rooting you android device.
Download the setup,Install it and connect your device with usb cable
and open the software and root your mobile.

Download Link:-Here

Friday, 26 April 2013

Farm Frenzy 2

The most adicitive game is here for android mobiles.
Now with amazing graphics.
The most amazing games with new level,
Become the best farmer ever from poor to rich.
Buy different types of animals.
Buy different buildings and upgrade them.
Take advantage of your animals.
Sells good in market and get coins by selling your good.
Catch and Sell wilds animals.

My Country

The most amazing City Building game is here.
Now make a city of your dream with over 120 buildings.
It has seasonal buildings and world.
Visit your friend city and help them do their task.
Visit the world and do different task.
Game Features:-
-  Build residental buildings to bring more population to your City.
-  Give jobs to your citizens by making offices buildings.
-  Increase ecology and energy by making power plants and parks.
-  Change landscape,builds canals and roads etc.
-  Build Bus stands and Bus transit centre.
-  Collect different items from your city residental buildings.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

WWE:The Official App

As everybody know that WWE has release their app.
With this you can watch latest match videos and photos of your favourite superstars.
Buy their clothes and watch if any match is being  held near you.
Agree with raw manager points and take a poll?
Photos of your favourite divas .
You can watch the vintage videos of wwe.
Save the photos and videos of your favourite superstar match.

Inotia3: Children of Carnia

The best RPG game download in android market.
This game is one of the must have game in your android mobile.
It has amazing graphics and is also supported by ARMV6 devices.
This game has amazing story with amazing graphics.
It has amazing Character.
The best game ever made by come2us.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Many people want to root their Android mobiles because they want to install chainfire 3D and want to play games that are not supported by their mobile or they want full access of their mobile.
In this post I am going to show you how to root your Samsung Galaxy Y.
To root your mobile you have to follow the safety features given below
Safety Features:-
* Your mobile should be Charged at least 80%.
* Backup your mobile data or reset your mobile phone.
* Close all Application running in background like Antivirus and battery saver etc.
* Enable USB Debugging in your mobile by going to Settings/Application/Development.
Follow the Steps given Below to Root You Galaxy Y:-
-  Download the Root file from Here
-  Copy this file without extracting it into your SD card.
-  Now Unplug your Mobile and Switch Off you Galaxy Y.
-  When the Phone is Completely Switch Off.You have to go into Recovery Mode By Pressing      
    Volume UP+Home Key+Power On.
-   In Recovery Mode,Select Apply update from SD by volume key Down Or Up and select it by                 pressing the Home Key Button.
-  Select by using the home key.
-  When the data has installed you have to reboot your phone and when you see the Super User File n your mobile it means that your mobile is rooted and you can also check that if your Phone is completely rooted
by download app from Here
If you have any problem then Comment Below.
If you have any other Android Mobile And want to Learn how to Root It then Comment Your Mobile Full name below with model number.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Help Om Nom to help him feed his ancestor as he travel back in the tim.
Time Travel is a new and a very interesting game with new level.
There are Two cute monster in each level and you have to feed them.
Now twice the fun

Download Link:-Here

Monday, 22 April 2013

Clash of the Olympians for Galaxy y

Become a famous Greek Hero and protect your temple from demon that use different powers.
Game Features:-
* Protect Temple from Demons.\
* Choose you player from 3 Greek Heros.
* Face different Creatures that have different abilities.
* Upgrade your hero stamina and weapon etc.

Forest HD

The best Live wallpaper is here.
It has amazing forest Scenary with Deer eating grass
Light Falling on the leaves.
You can customize your photo in it.
It has Amazing 3D effect.

Download Link:-Here

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Dino Paradise

Do you think about dinosaurs and want dinosaurs as your pet?
Let go back to the time when dinosaurs live and build our own dinosaurs kingdom.
Come play Dino Paradise and build you dream dino kingdom.
Game Features:-
A magical island that you build in sky.
Decorate your island with beautiful buildings and dinos.
Plant and Harvest kingdom to feed your dino.
Make your dinos fight and go back to prehistoric era.
Visit your friends kingdom and help them to raise their kingdom.

Download Links:-Here


X-City is one of the most download city builders game in android market.
Extremely amazing graphics with easy touch controls.
Build the city of your dream in this lovely game.
Awesome Features:-
*  Make the City of your Dream,Name It,Rearrange It whenever you want.
*  Make your own city with more than 200 beautiful buildings.
*  Special Holiday buildings with holiday buildings that reminds you of your special Holidays.
*  Unlock new buildings at new levels
*  Decorate your city with tons of decoration buildings.
*  Plants dozen of different fruits and vegetables.
*  Land expansion to make your city bigger.
*  Play with your friends.

Fly Crazy

Are you ready to fly? Then go and fly through amazing scenary
and collect as much coins as you can and compare your coins with other players and friends.
Upgrade your player power and Costumes.
Choose Different players.
Collect as much coins as you can.
Avoid obstacles.
Manage your player.
Make you way all to the top.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Dino Island

Dino Island is a Fully new uprising game with smooth controls.
Make a new a world to raise your Dino and bu breeding them to a new Dino.
Game Features:-
*  Different Dinosaurs different abilities e.g Fire,water and rock etc.
*  Dozens of habitats for different animals.
*  Make your island with different decoration.
*  Visit your Friend island and help him to raise her and exchange gifts.

Download Link:-Here