Sunday, 31 August 2014

Earn Free Bitcoins

Bitcoin is a digital currency used for online shopping.The value of bitcoin is very High.
You would be surprised to hear that 1 bitcoin=493.11 and it value increases and decreases with time.
Today there are many sites that claim to give free bitcoins.Some of them are Real and some of the are scams.
But i have found some sites that giveaway free bitcoins.but you have to done different tasks for them to earn 
free bitcoins.And i Have decided to share them with you.
To earn bitcoins first you have to have a bitcoin adress which you can get by making account on different sites but the site i trust the most is Justcoin.As it has maximum limit for spending bitcoins.

Now the Sites That Gives Free Bitcoin

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Minecraft - Pocket Edition

Minecraft is a famous game and now is available on android.
Minecraft is about to building things by placing blocks and going on different adventures.
With minecraft you can multiplayer over a wifi connection and survival and creative mode(without wifi).
In creative mode you can build and craft different things as long as you have battery to run and your hands are free.
This update contain iconic creature.They are green,mean,big and explody.
There are load of other features like:-
- Food.Now you can go hungry and cook different things.
- TNT-Swords-Bows.
- Chests.
- Skeletons.
- Spiders.
- Beds.
- Painting and lot of other things.

Download Link:-Here

FIfa 12 For android

Now play you favourite game on your android device.
Play matches with realistic graphics and see the animation come to life.
Play with your favourite superstar.
Win matches to gain score.
Real Players,Real Teams,Real Leagues:-
It has over 22 officialy licensed leagues,500+ teams and more than 15000 players.
Match Day Madness:-
Capture the power of the world most popular sport.
Fancy Footwork:-
New controls will let you control your players with more precision.

After downloading extract and paste the data in the following URL:sdcard/Android/data/

Download Link:-Here

Friday, 2 August 2013

Storm Gunner HD: War Combat

The most download and played FPS game is now available on google play.
It gives you more fun than you could expect.
You will become addictive to it and find it hard to stop playing it.
You are a brave soldier,Do your best to stick as long as possibles.
Your enemies are soldiers,paratroopers and their army officer.
You have a weapons in your hand.
Kill as many as enemies as possible to get high score.
Complete Hundred of quests.
Amazing new Weapons.
Endless enemies to kill.

Download Link:-Here

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Super KO Fighting

The First Person Fighting game is here.
Realistic hitting effect and smooth controls.
Beat all enemies to become the king of fighters.
You can also fight with the robot and defeat him.
You beat your enemy to get rewards.
Apply different combos to get more rewards.
There are 8 stages in this game.Every stage will give you a different gaming expirience.
Some enemies are defensive while some are aggressive.
So you should select correct battle methods to defeat them.

Download Link:-Here

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Stickman Cliff Diving

Jump over the highest cliff in the planet.
Perform different styles and get rated by the five judges.
Fulfill the required handicaped to pass to the next level.
Cliffs higher than 125 M high.
Amazing Gameplay.
Try different jumpes.
Continue Last game.
Smoothest stick animation.

 Download Link:-Here

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Jungle Fly

This is a great flying parkour game.
In this magical game,A beautiful bird is being chased by a ferocious dragon.
You have to save the bird from the dragon.
Tilt you device left and right to control the bird.
Swipe up and down to avoid obstacles.
Complete task and accomplishment,
Collect and upgrade powerups to get more coins.

 Download Link:-Here