Monday, 15 July 2013

How to Increase internal phone memory of Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Samsung Galaxy Y is the most popular Smartphone.
Because It is very cheap,It has is limitations.
One is that It's internal memory is very low.
You can now increase your Internal Memory to store more apps and games.
We will not replace any part of our galaxy y But we will use your Memory Card.
Follow these instructions carefully and you will increase your Internal Memory.
This procedure is not only limited to galaxy y but it can also be done on other android mobiles.You should all steps carefully.
If you are not careful you will experience data loss.
Try this Procedure at your own risk. I would not be Held Responsible IF any thing happen to your mobile.
After download both files.You have to install Link2SD app and paste the CWM file in your SD card(Not in any folder) without extracting it.
1. You Galaxy Y Mobile should be rooted.
2. Please proceed carefully and backup your data first.
3. We are going to do is to get recognized your external memory as internal memory.
4. Turn Off your phone and go into recovery mode by pressing Volume Up+Home Button+Lock Button.
5. When You are in recovery mode there touch donot works.Use Volume Up and Down Button to scroll
and home button to select.
6. Select apply update from SD Card and then select Clockword Recovery Mode,Select advance.On the screen select advance and debugging and then select  Partition SD Card.On the Screen For EXT Card.
7. Select the size that you want to be your new internal storage.A max size of 1GB is said to be selected due to stability issues.
8. On the screen labelled  "Swap Size" Select 0M.Now wait for a few minutes to partition your SD card.
9. Afterwards Select Reboot Recovery then Select Reboot System Now.
10. You phone will now reboot. Now select Link2Sd chose recreate mount script then select ext3.
11. Reboot your phone.After your phone reboot,You may launch Link2Sd app again and move installed software to your sd card by linking them.
Please note that you will not notice any increase in the size of your internal memory after this procedure when you check via your phone settings but what it does is that subsequent installations are made directly on your SD card subject to the maximum size you partitioned.
Now i have a 1GB Samsung


  1. i have problem with Root Access Warning...please help soon as possible..

  2. What's the prob?? what msg does it show?

  3. Sriram Rajendran3 November 2013 at 23:03

    root acess waring :link2sd could not obtian root acess

  4. Same Problem sir, help me too...

  5. i'am che where...

  6. no.....i'm ok...i using jellybean right now...

  7. I ve done it sucessfully...but will their be any problem if I remove the memory card???

  8. THank U......IT's working.....

  9. Mache Vera Dupuis21 November 2013 at 02:59

    hey, I just did this. And I'm not sure it's working. Seems I need help.

    It's definitely working faster. But now reinstalling apps that already were before in the SD, like WeChat, it says the memory is full and I can't do it.
    When I see on settings I don't get any different info from before. That is sd total space 13.78 gb, available space 13.47, internal available space 15,5mb
    but then on Link2SD when I check storage info i get Internal 8% free (15,50mb), SD Card 97% free (13,47gb), SD Card 2nd Part 92% free (849mb) System 8% free (18,27 mb) cache 99% free...
    is something wrong? I can't figure the problem out

  10. i have the same error problem and i don't know how to solve it. were you able to find any solution? TIA

  11. It woRks But tHe PicTurEs Are NoT clear & i Hav Lag problEm !!

  12. how to backup the galaxy y ?

  13. Kimberly Villarazo Manahan11 January 2014 at 09:34

    hey, got a problem here. i can't open link2sd. u did not mention to change the settings of superuser to "allow" first. I can't open any program. any idea how to solve it? please!? thanks ahead.

  14. Judith Silvester19 January 2014 at 08:04

    the doesn't appear as an option

  15. Re Install Busy Box

  16. Don't Extract That...

  17. Just watch this video.. very easy


  19. Just watch this video.. very easy

  20. your device not rooted yet, root your device first

  21. link2sd has been deleted by mediafire. please reupload it. tq so much :)

  22. Thrisham Raj Singh22 June 2014 at 04:18

    Dude it worked flawlessly ! Two Thumbs Up from me :D

  23. if mobile get damage..
    can it get reapired by odin

  24. Link2SD has been deleted to media share