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Monday, 15 July 2013

How to Increase internal phone memory of Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Samsung Galaxy Y is the most popular Smartphone.
Because It is very cheap,It has is limitations.
One is that It's internal memory is very low.
You can now increase your Internal Memory to store more apps and games.
We will not replace any part of our galaxy y But we will use your Memory Card.
Follow these instructions carefully and you will increase your Internal Memory.
This procedure is not only limited to galaxy y but it can also be done on other android mobiles.You should all steps carefully.
If you are not careful you will experience data loss.
Try this Procedure at your own risk. I would not be Held Responsible IF any thing happen to your mobile.
After download both files.You have to install Link2SD app and paste the CWM file in your SD card(Not in any folder) without extracting it.
1. You Galaxy Y Mobile should be rooted.
2. Please proceed carefully and backup your data first.
3. We are going to do is to get recognized your external memory as internal memory.
4. Turn Off your phone and go into recovery mode by pressing Volume Up+Home Button+Lock Button.
5. When You are in recovery mode there touch donot works.Use Volume Up and Down Button to scroll
and home button to select.
6. Select apply update from SD Card and then select Clockword Recovery Mode,Select advance.On the screen select advance and debugging and then select  Partition SD Card.On the Screen For EXT Card.
7. Select the size that you want to be your new internal storage.A max size of 1GB is said to be selected due to stability issues.
8. On the screen labelled  "Swap Size" Select 0M.Now wait for a few minutes to partition your SD card.
9. Afterwards Select Reboot Recovery then Select Reboot System Now.
10. You phone will now reboot. Now select Link2Sd chose recreate mount script then select ext3.
11. Reboot your phone.After your phone reboot,You may launch Link2Sd app again and move installed software to your sd card by linking them.
Please note that you will not notice any increase in the size of your internal memory after this procedure when you check via your phone settings but what it does is that subsequent installations are made directly on your SD card subject to the maximum size you partitioned.
Now i have a 1GB Samsung

Saturday, 13 July 2013

How to Flash Samsung Galaxy Y

Hy guys today i am going to show you how to flash your samsung galaxy y.
Follow the instruction carefully and you will learn how to flash your samsung galaxy y via odin.
Safety Features:-
Remove your Memory Card and Sim Card.
Hard Reset your Mobile by using this code *2767*3855#.
Your Mobile Phone should be Charged more than 80%.
Download Links:-
Stock Rom
A running computer with USB Driver installed.
Download Odin and Stock Rom file.
Steps of Installation:-
Download and Extract both files.
After unzipping Stock Rom file you will get these three files
PDA _S5360 _DDLK2.tar,
MODEM_ S5360 _DDLK2.tar &
CSC_S 5360 _DDLK2 .tar 

Now open Odin and select Files as

  • PDA - "PDA" file.
  • PHONE - "MODEM" file.
  • CSC - "GT-s5360- MULTI-CSC" file. 
Now turn of your mobile and go into download mode by pressing Volume Down+Home+Power On.
Now you have entered download mode and continue by pressing Volume Up Button.
Connect your mobile to your PC by using data cable.
Now make Sure you are getting the yellow box on odin.
IF it is showing a yellow box then click start,
Now let odin do his work and do not touch your mobile till the yellow box is changed into a green box.
Green box means that you mobile has successfully been flashed.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Game CIH

Game CIH is an Amazing software in which
you can cheat games and make highscores in game
you could change game speed and become best in games.
This app requires root

Download Link:-Here

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Chainfire 3D PRO For all android devices

Want to play apps that does not support your mobile.
This app reduce texture and graphics of the games that are unsupported.
You can play games like temple run and asphalt 5 etc.
This app is for root user only
Download Plugins and apk of chainfire.
Steps for installing chain fire:-
- Download and Install Chainfire 3D 
- Download and copy the plugins without extracting it in SD card.
- Open chainfire and allow it by superuser
Select CF 3D Drivers,Install it and it will restart your phone.
Open Chainfire and select install Plugins
Select and install every plugin one by one.
-  Select fix market settings.
Now enjoy unsupported game 
Default settings for every game is reduce texture and graphic and Select qualcomm in plugins
for every games.
Download Links:-

One Click Root

Do you want to root your android mobile but can't find it on the
internet and visits sites that will root your  android mobiles but want
money in return but you can't give them money because it is our mobile and why we will
give them money to root your mobile?
Then don't worry the perfect app for rooting your android device is here
with just one click.
One Click Root is the perfect app for rooting you android device.
Download the setup,Install it and connect your device with usb cable
and open the software and root your mobile.

Download Link:-Here

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Many people want to root their Android mobiles because they want to install chainfire 3D and want to play games that are not supported by their mobile or they want full access of their mobile.
In this post I am going to show you how to root your Samsung Galaxy Y.
To root your mobile you have to follow the safety features given below
Safety Features:-
* Your mobile should be Charged at least 80%.
* Backup your mobile data or reset your mobile phone.
* Close all Application running in background like Antivirus and battery saver etc.
* Enable USB Debugging in your mobile by going to Settings/Application/Development.
Follow the Steps given Below to Root You Galaxy Y:-
-  Download the Root file from Here
-  Copy this file without extracting it into your SD card.
-  Now Unplug your Mobile and Switch Off you Galaxy Y.
-  When the Phone is Completely Switch Off.You have to go into Recovery Mode By Pressing      
    Volume UP+Home Key+Power On.
-   In Recovery Mode,Select Apply update from SD by volume key Down Or Up and select it by                 pressing the Home Key Button.
-  Select by using the home key.
-  When the data has installed you have to reboot your phone and when you see the Super User File n your mobile it means that your mobile is rooted and you can also check that if your Phone is completely rooted
by download app from Here
If you have any problem then Comment Below.
If you have any other Android Mobile And want to Learn how to Root It then Comment Your Mobile Full name below with model number.