Sunday, 31 August 2014

Earn Free Bitcoins

Bitcoin is a digital currency used for online shopping.The value of bitcoin is very High.
You would be surprised to hear that 1 bitcoin=493.11 and it value increases and decreases with time.
Today there are many sites that claim to give free bitcoins.Some of them are Real and some of the are scams.
But i have found some sites that giveaway free bitcoins.but you have to done different tasks for them to earn 
free bitcoins.And i Have decided to share them with you.
To earn bitcoins first you have to have a bitcoin adress which you can get by making account on different sites but the site i trust the most is Justcoin.As it has maximum limit for spending bitcoins.

Now the Sites That Gives Free Bitcoin

1:- Freebitco
 This site is the best site i know and it gives more bitcoin than any other sites.You just have to fill a captcha every hour and you will get 0.00000416. Every Time you fill the captcha and Roll. A few lucky ones cant get more bitcoins than this and one lucky winnerwill get 200$ worth of bitcoins and you could also try the multiplyer but the chances for winning are 1 out of 10 
Site Link:-Here


This Site is 2nd best on my list.You just have to fill captchas and view ads which you can also do while surfing.You have to view ads for 5 mins.I am viewing the ads while writing this.

Site Link:-Here


In This Site You have to view ads.Ads went and go after every 24 hours.Minimum Cash payout is 1.5mbtc
Site Link:-Here

This is site is similat to coins ads. you have to view ads every 24 hour 

Site Link:-Here


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  4. YoBit enables you to claim FREE COINS from over 100 unique crypto-currencies, you complete a captcha once and claim as much as coins you want from the available offers.

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